In response to customer demand for high quality, affordable beauty products, Sula offers fragrance blends and cosmetic products in a spirited, playful-yet-sophisticated beauty line designed to complement, not define.

Offering highly wearable products, Sula's categories include six signature scents, which can all be layered to create personal blends, Paint & Peel nail polish - an innovative water-based polish that is Big-3 free and peels off without remover, and natural cosmetics.

Sula is about having the freedom to play with different scents and styles. Save structure for work if you must, not for your beauty products.

Break rules,
Set Trends,
And always play pretty.

Susanne Langmuir, Founder, Sula Beauty

Sula Beauty is a division of Susanne Lang Fragrance Inc., a Toronto-based company with distribution in Canada, the US and the UK.


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